What is Dotnetnuke (DNN)?

Most of developers must have ever heard about Dotnetnuke or DNN. It is actually Content Managing System. This kind of platform is essential for websites. Although now there have been many templates of website that can be used easily without any kinds of setting, it is not enough. Developing web will need more than just template and design, and CMS is the key. As popular CMS in the world, it will be interesting to know DNN’s features.


Several Things to Know about DNN


Some developers are more familiar with the name of DNN. It is because Dotnetnuke is the former name when this platform was released for the first time. It runs in Microsoft ASP.NET, so it may be more suitable for Windows-based server and hosting. This is also type of framework. It provides access for developers and users to extend the design and function. Framework is like a core, and it can be developed and extended to meet the expectation and design of its users. Of course, there are still other interesting features. Here are some of them.


  1. Scalable

When CMS is called as scalable, it means this can be optimized by users to develop and create various website, even it can create large-scale website for businesses and companies. It becomes great benefits of this CMS. Just by using this platform, complete form of web can be created. Of course, it is also possible to add plugins and extensions to make the web better.


  1. C# Language

This platform uses C# language. For developers, it is great benefit because this one is like one of the essential languages to masters. By this fact, most of developers, even the inexperienced ones, will be able to write the program and use this platform very well.


  1. Security

This is important aspect for website. Well, website may have great design and interface, but it will never be enough. There must be good security to make sure that the web can have protection against any attacks and hijacking.


For security, DNN has security analyzer that will work to analyze any potential threats and problems. Therefore, the program can make preventions. Users or developers may also get notification of this, so prevention can be made.


  1. Responsive template

The design cannot be ignored from the function of CMS. Related to this, DNN provides responsive template that will help each user to work with this platform in making design. Design and template can be edited and developed. There is also mobile previewer to give easier access to see how the design works in its page appearance. It may also give simulation on how the web design will appear in mobile devices.


Well, this CMS may be one of the legendary CMS since it has been developed and released more than 10 years ago. Yet, the functionality still can be developed and optimized up to now. Moreover, the characteristic as open source is great benefit, although developers still have to spend money to get external plugins and extension.