What Can We Do with DNN Today?

DNN becomes one of popular CMS platforms that still exist until today. It is quite interesting to know more about DNN. This platform, also known as Dotnetnuke, was released some years ago. Even, some developers think that it is one of the pioneers of CMS before many platforms appear as what can be found nowadays. Because of its age, some people may think that this CMS is no longer good option since it cannot keep up. In fact, there are still many things offered by DNN for web development.


Contribution and Function of DNN Today


It is normal for some people to ask about DNN in today context. Its reputation is known, yet some people think that it is no longer able to work well for managing and developing website. In fact, there are still some contributions to make by this CMS until today. There are also some updates and upgrades, so it still can provide what people need for creating and managing website.


  1. C# programming language

It becomes the unique characteristic of DNN. This platform uses C# language and it runs in Windows server. For some people, it may be called as old and inefficient programming language. Yet, in fact, many developers are helped by this language. It is because the language becomes the basic and necessary language for programming and developing app; even new developers and learners can make use of this platform.


  1. Web development

The main function of CMS is to develop web, so it becomes important point. Related to this, DNN still provides contribution. It can be seen from the fact that it can provide JavaScript Library for all users of DNN. Then, it also provides updated extensions and module creator. Therefore, DNN is able to provide more access and features to make the web more useful and attractive.


  1. Performance

This platform works as framework, so this can be extended. Even, it can be said that DNN must be extended based on what developers need to have. This is also supported by latest feature of API. Well, it can be more efficient in its latest version. In correlation of SEO, the function of content analysis and URL management can be found and accessed.


Those are some of features offered by DNN and they become important contribution in developing website. With those points, of course there will be no one asking about what they can do with the DNN. They may think that this CMS is too old to work, but in fact, the developers still give many updates.


The characteristic as open source with C# language becomes great points. Therefore, DNN can be good starter for those who are still learning about web development. They will have no problems since they can modify the CMS and it is done by using C# language. When they want to make DNN as competitive as other CMS platforms, there are extensions and plugins. With all of these, surely there are still many things to do with DNN for your website.