Using Dotnetnuke for E-commerce?

Web developers use CMS to build e-commerce without much effort because it’s simple and efficient. You do not need to install bulk software and run it in your system. CMS adopts approach called ‘what you see is what you get’. It is like adding post and content directly then arranging everything. That’s also applicable for e-commerce where you manage products and set the payment method. One of recommended CMS platforms is Dotnetnuke with e-commerce features.


E-commerce Site and Its Features


  1. Platform and installation

Dotnetnuke is available with two options: free and paid subscription. Each option has few different features, particularly the paid one. However, free subscription is enough for simple e-commerce. This CMS uses platform from windows, such as NET and ASP. Therefore, you do not need additional configuration because the majority of computer and laptop users use Windows.


  1. Skin and appearance

Skin or appearance is important when designing website. You surely want interactive site where visitors can register and contribute to provide the content. Moreover, e-commerce has unique skin that’s different from regular website. It has menus, tools, links, and other features to support selling, purchasing, transaction, and other. This is where you should pick the right skin in Dotnetnuke. Skin is available at DNN store, and you can choose and install it directly.


  1. Module and extension

Website with proper skin still needs the things to complete the feature and tool. You need to select module and extension to support your e-commerce. What are extension and module? In website, you see the cart, membership area, ad box, transaction section, banner, and anything attached on website. Those things are example of widget where you can install through module or extension.


  1. E-commerce features

After your DNN is ready alongside its skin, the next step is to add e-commerce features. You need categorization and display area. For small online store, it is not complex task because it’s easy to put goods and services based on category. On the other side, you need extra feature if the e-commerce is marketplace. You act as retail owner with tons of products. In DNN e-commerce, you can choose having separated extension installed or single e-commerce package.


  1. Ad management

High traffic and view will attract advertiser and marketer to join your website. They want to participate for providing ads. It is opportunity to expand the revenue and popularity. Dotnetnuke has ad management consists of several types. You can manage to put only particular ad in website. The ad management is important in e-commerce and NET platform in Dotnetnuke will give what you want.


  1. Payment system

The next thing is payment system to do transaction. Dotnetnuke has extension to improve payment system. You can manage checkout section and integrate it into any payment mode. Before payment process, buyers have to register in order to become member. It helps developer to gather data for improvement.


  1. Security and update

The next part is security from Dotnetnuke for e-commerce. This platform is secure due to several reasons. Firstly, you are never doubt about Windows and Microsoft. Dotnetnuke is backed by prominent company in tech industry. Secondly, the security receives regular update, including for e-commerce website.