5 CMS Options that Based on ASP.NET

Developing a website requires Content Management System. There are many choices of CMS and this may depend on the type of website. ASP.NET becomes one of the types used for website and it is known for the few options of CMS. Although it may have less option, it does not mean that it is a bad choice. Well, the options offered will be helpful to make and develop the web pages.

Some Options of CMS working on ASP.NET

It is true that options of CMS can be found for all type of web, including ASP.NET. Related to this, you can get some good recommendations of CMS. They are made based on the function and effectiveness of CMS for developing the web without any problems because of the features offered.

  1. DNN

DotNetNuke becomes one of CMS solutions to choose. This one provides many versions and they make people able to create their own choice of version based on their needs. Although this may be one of the legendary CMS platforms, it still gets many updates for bug fixes and improvements in performance. Basically, it is an open source, so everyone can use this. However, premium version is also provided to give complete features and better performance.


  1. MojoPortal

This CMS is known for easy access. Many developers have said it can be operated easily, even for beginners. However, the simplicity does not mean it has bad performance. In term of this aspect, MojoPortal has great scalability that enables the web to run well even in high traffic. This can be great option for small and medium level of website because of the access and performance.


  1. Umbraco

Umbraco becomes the next reference. This is unique since it still uses C# programming language. Well, it is great benefit since Umbraco uses basic languages and it will help new developers to work in developing website. The development tools are also ready to help users or developer.


  1. SiteFinity

This is good option for personal website since it offers free access for personal use. For its performance, there is nothing to worry since big companies use SiteFinity for their website. The scalability is great, so there will be no problems even if your website have developed well and run in high traffic.


  1. Kentico

As the other CMS solution, Kentico also provides free access. However, there is condition to get free access. You need to display logo of Kentico when you are going to get this benefit. Of course, it will not work when you are using premium version. The logo will be removed and you can earn extra performance and functionality. For users, this is easy to use and that’s why many beginners choose it as their stepping-stone.

Those solutions of CMS can run well in ASP.NET. If you are looking for the references, those platforms are the right names. Each of them has different characteristic and benefits. You only need to make consideration. Most of them also provide free access, so it is great for beginner and small-scale website.