Web Hosting Go Green

Even if it seems like a simple process, web hosting is actually wasting abundant energy. We may never realize that internet really can be that massive pollutant. The billion internet users all over the world will release 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide in every second by spending their free time browsing some plain websites. A web hosting server usually generates 1390 pounds carbon dioxide each year. With more than ten millions servers around the world, just try multiply those numbers. Think also about the using of electricity to power up your devices which mostly comes from fossil fuels. That’s why some people are concerned and discover the new kind of web hosting to reduce more risks of destroying our lovely earth. It’s the web hosting Go Green or commonly called as eco-friendly web hosting.

What is Web Hosting Go Green?

Web Hosting Go Green are the web hosts which is trying some kind of eco-friendly efforts to lessen the environmental impact of internet and web hosting. They usually will minimize the use of electricity while using electricity from renewable sources only. Moreover, how extensive is its contribution? We will get to see how this new kind of web hosting can be an inspiration for the running business or even personal hosting to make a change for better world. Every website usually has something that’s called datacenter. This is functioned to keep track of the running of websites, ensuring the websites are always up. This activity requires a lot of energy from non-renewable sources that radiates pollutant such as carbon. On the other hand, the datacenter used by green web is usually powered by renewable sources of energy for the entire activities.
The rooms used for placing datacenter usually kept at the lowest temperature as the server always produces lots of hot air. The green web will use the most efficient manner in using energy by directly pulling out the hot air from the used building. By doing this, the cooling system can also work more efficiently. For your information, that kind of practice assists to lessening 38 percent world’s datacenter energy exertion by 2020.
Financial aspect of company is also helped by doing web hosting go green. The more technologies you use, the more energies they require, the more bills are stacked. The greener technology usually spends less in usability, so it automatically lower the electric bills you need to pay. Well, web hosting go green used by some companies may indicate how far they want to make a commitment for better environmental effect to the world. This can be perceived as great and positive traits for clients. Your company can also have a certification which will be useful trade as marketing material information.

So, how do you know if a website is “green”? Some websites provide badges or certifications to prove their web hosting go green credential. If you are not sure enough, you can also check by entering their addresses to some other websites that support the tool to identify that.

File Manager vs FTP

File Manager and FTP are two methods that used to process files in your website. These two methods are mainly used by people who have signed up for a web hosting. Both file manager and FTP are useful to help you in maintaining the website. You are able to edit files, download files to your computer, moving files, and exchanging them. As we know, a well-managed website serves contents that attract many people from across the world to come to your site. The internet users should get a remarkable experience from your website. Actually, both file manager and FTP perform the same function. However, is there any difference between these two? Find out the answer below.

File Manager and FTP as Two Peas in a Pod
What is file manager actually? File manager is software that acts as a manager for all files placed on the computer. File manager lets us to do editing, saving, deleting, searching, copying, and renaming. Furthermore, it helps us in arranging those files. Later on, these files can be located in many folders, directories, or lists. File manager eases us in file navigation and file finding process. Then, what are the features owned by file manager?

The primary features of file manager are new file, new folder, copy, move, upload, download. There are some other features, such as delete, restore, rename, edit, view, extract, and compress. These features help us in managing and controlling our files. Moreover, there are many file manager software that offered.
After explaining file manager, now it’s time to talk about FTP. What is FTP actually? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. File transfer protocol is a client protocol that used to transfer and exchange the files on computer. We can access file directory and connect to the servers with software that allows us to do downloading and uploading numerous files from and to the server.

File transfer protocol is used to connect the computer and server. It works as a way to transfer the information from computer to the server or web host. Besides for transferring, FTP is used for file sharing purpose. FTP is necessary to build a website because you are going to need it to support your file exchanging and content providing purpose. The interface of FTP is identical with a file manager on your computer.

If someone asks, “which one that works best for our computer?”, well the choice is yours. It depends on your preference. If you prefer uploading and downloading many files, FTP is the right choice. If you prefer the all-in-one file processing, then file manager can be your go-to application. Another advantage of file manager is it has included in the hosting plan. Meanwhile, FTP requires us to install a dedicated client application.

That’s all the descriptions of file manager and FTP. Hopefully, this will help you in deciding the tools that works best for your website. Whatever your preference is, make sure that you use the right tool to support your file-exchanging process.

Cheap Hosting. Is It the Best for You?

Web hosting is an online service to make your website can be accessed by online. When you have signed up for web hosting service, you are actually borrowing an available space for saving your data that can ensure that the website runs properly. Moreover, a server means a place where you can save your website’s contents. This server is uninterrupted, so everyone can access the website. Moreover, web hosting is responsible to ensure the server’s activity, keep the server safe from many kinds of cyber-attack, and give your website’s contents to everyone that access the website.

Is Cheap Hosting a Sweet Escape?

As we have known, there are various web hosting providers out there. The price that offered is various as well. The price range depends on the features provided by the provider. However, in building a website or a blog, the cost of web hosting can be such a great obstacle for some website owners, especially for bloggers or SMEs. The web hosting service is quite pricey, so only some parties can afford a web hosting service. In fact, a cheap web hosting service is necessary to accommodate the bloggers or small companies’ need of a well-appeared website.
Well, as the internet usage grows significantly, many web hosting providers start to offer web hosting service with an affordable cost. By the existence of cheap web hosting, small companies can afford a well-appeared website to support the companies’ activity. Even individuals can afford the service as well. These cheap hosting providers offer a good quality features along with the premium service. However, is it really the best for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

The first advantage is cost efficiency. For SMEs owners, cost is an important thing to be considered. The cheap web hosting is useful for building their business. Cheap web hosting enables them to save a decent deal of money. Second, cheap web hosting service gives the convenient interface. It is easy to navigate even by the beginners. Later on, this service helps them to learn more about web hosting.

Now, what are the disadvantages? Well, first is always about security issue. Since the cheap web hosting providers use shared hosting service, it can’t give you a maximum security. Even though, security is the crucial component for all websites. In addition, your website’s performance can be interrupted when one member of a shared hosting service has a greater traffic than yours. Your website might become slower in loading pages. Surely, this performance is interfered and it hinders your website from potential clients and buyers.

You may ask “is cheap hosting the best for you?” It depends; if you are looking for cost-efficiency and user-friendliness, you might opt into cheap web hosting service. However, if your website contains multiple data and need an extra security, the higher cost web hosting service may works best for your website. So, please choose the suitable one. Whatever your needs, just consider the effectiveness and the cost really carefully.

5 CMS Options that Based on ASP.NET

Developing a website requires Content Management System. There are many choices of CMS and this may depend on the type of website. ASP.NET becomes one of the types used for website and it is known for the few options of CMS. Although it may have less option, it does not mean that it is a bad choice. Well, the options offered will be helpful to make and develop the web pages.

Some Options of CMS working on ASP.NET

It is true that options of CMS can be found for all type of web, including ASP.NET. Related to this, you can get some good recommendations of CMS. They are made based on the function and effectiveness of CMS for developing the web without any problems because of the features offered.

  1. DNN

DotNetNuke becomes one of CMS solutions to choose. This one provides many versions and they make people able to create their own choice of version based on their needs. Although this may be one of the legendary CMS platforms, it still gets many updates for bug fixes and improvements in performance. Basically, it is an open source, so everyone can use this. However, premium version is also provided to give complete features and better performance.


  1. MojoPortal

This CMS is known for easy access. Many developers have said it can be operated easily, even for beginners. However, the simplicity does not mean it has bad performance. In term of this aspect, MojoPortal has great scalability that enables the web to run well even in high traffic. This can be great option for small and medium level of website because of the access and performance.


  1. Umbraco

Umbraco becomes the next reference. This is unique since it still uses C# programming language. Well, it is great benefit since Umbraco uses basic languages and it will help new developers to work in developing website. The development tools are also ready to help users or developer.


  1. SiteFinity

This is good option for personal website since it offers free access for personal use. For its performance, there is nothing to worry since big companies use SiteFinity for their website. The scalability is great, so there will be no problems even if your website have developed well and run in high traffic.


  1. Kentico

As the other CMS solution, Kentico also provides free access. However, there is condition to get free access. You need to display logo of Kentico when you are going to get this benefit. Of course, it will not work when you are using premium version. The logo will be removed and you can earn extra performance and functionality. For users, this is easy to use and that’s why many beginners choose it as their stepping-stone.

Those solutions of CMS can run well in ASP.NET. If you are looking for the references, those platforms are the right names. Each of them has different characteristic and benefits. You only need to make consideration. Most of them also provide free access, so it is great for beginner and small-scale website.

Using Dotnetnuke for E-commerce?

Web developers use CMS to build e-commerce without much effort because it’s simple and efficient. You do not need to install bulk software and run it in your system. CMS adopts approach called ‘what you see is what you get’. It is like adding post and content directly then arranging everything. That’s also applicable for e-commerce where you manage products and set the payment method. One of recommended CMS platforms is Dotnetnuke with e-commerce features.


E-commerce Site and Its Features


  1. Platform and installation

Dotnetnuke is available with two options: free and paid subscription. Each option has few different features, particularly the paid one. However, free subscription is enough for simple e-commerce. This CMS uses platform from windows, such as NET and ASP. Therefore, you do not need additional configuration because the majority of computer and laptop users use Windows.


  1. Skin and appearance

Skin or appearance is important when designing website. You surely want interactive site where visitors can register and contribute to provide the content. Moreover, e-commerce has unique skin that’s different from regular website. It has menus, tools, links, and other features to support selling, purchasing, transaction, and other. This is where you should pick the right skin in Dotnetnuke. Skin is available at DNN store, and you can choose and install it directly.


  1. Module and extension

Website with proper skin still needs the things to complete the feature and tool. You need to select module and extension to support your e-commerce. What are extension and module? In website, you see the cart, membership area, ad box, transaction section, banner, and anything attached on website. Those things are example of widget where you can install through module or extension.


  1. E-commerce features

After your DNN is ready alongside its skin, the next step is to add e-commerce features. You need categorization and display area. For small online store, it is not complex task because it’s easy to put goods and services based on category. On the other side, you need extra feature if the e-commerce is marketplace. You act as retail owner with tons of products. In DNN e-commerce, you can choose having separated extension installed or single e-commerce package.


  1. Ad management

High traffic and view will attract advertiser and marketer to join your website. They want to participate for providing ads. It is opportunity to expand the revenue and popularity. Dotnetnuke has ad management consists of several types. You can manage to put only particular ad in website. The ad management is important in e-commerce and NET platform in Dotnetnuke will give what you want.


  1. Payment system

The next thing is payment system to do transaction. Dotnetnuke has extension to improve payment system. You can manage checkout section and integrate it into any payment mode. Before payment process, buyers have to register in order to become member. It helps developer to gather data for improvement.


  1. Security and update

The next part is security from Dotnetnuke for e-commerce. This platform is secure due to several reasons. Firstly, you are never doubt about Windows and Microsoft. Dotnetnuke is backed by prominent company in tech industry. Secondly, the security receives regular update, including for e-commerce website.

What Can We Do with DNN Today?

DNN becomes one of popular CMS platforms that still exist until today. It is quite interesting to know more about DNN. This platform, also known as Dotnetnuke, was released some years ago. Even, some developers think that it is one of the pioneers of CMS before many platforms appear as what can be found nowadays. Because of its age, some people may think that this CMS is no longer good option since it cannot keep up. In fact, there are still many things offered by DNN for web development.


Contribution and Function of DNN Today


It is normal for some people to ask about DNN in today context. Its reputation is known, yet some people think that it is no longer able to work well for managing and developing website. In fact, there are still some contributions to make by this CMS until today. There are also some updates and upgrades, so it still can provide what people need for creating and managing website.


  1. C# programming language

It becomes the unique characteristic of DNN. This platform uses C# language and it runs in Windows server. For some people, it may be called as old and inefficient programming language. Yet, in fact, many developers are helped by this language. It is because the language becomes the basic and necessary language for programming and developing app; even new developers and learners can make use of this platform.


  1. Web development

The main function of CMS is to develop web, so it becomes important point. Related to this, DNN still provides contribution. It can be seen from the fact that it can provide JavaScript Library for all users of DNN. Then, it also provides updated extensions and module creator. Therefore, DNN is able to provide more access and features to make the web more useful and attractive.


  1. Performance

This platform works as framework, so this can be extended. Even, it can be said that DNN must be extended based on what developers need to have. This is also supported by latest feature of API. Well, it can be more efficient in its latest version. In correlation of SEO, the function of content analysis and URL management can be found and accessed.


Those are some of features offered by DNN and they become important contribution in developing website. With those points, of course there will be no one asking about what they can do with the DNN. They may think that this CMS is too old to work, but in fact, the developers still give many updates.


The characteristic as open source with C# language becomes great points. Therefore, DNN can be good starter for those who are still learning about web development. They will have no problems since they can modify the CMS and it is done by using C# language. When they want to make DNN as competitive as other CMS platforms, there are extensions and plugins. With all of these, surely there are still many things to do with DNN for your website.

What is Dotnetnuke (DNN)?

Most of developers must have ever heard about Dotnetnuke or DNN. It is actually Content Managing System. This kind of platform is essential for websites. Although now there have been many templates of website that can be used easily without any kinds of setting, it is not enough. Developing web will need more than just template and design, and CMS is the key. As popular CMS in the world, it will be interesting to know DNN’s features.


Several Things to Know about DNN


Some developers are more familiar with the name of DNN. It is because Dotnetnuke is the former name when this platform was released for the first time. It runs in Microsoft ASP.NET, so it may be more suitable for Windows-based server and hosting. This is also type of framework. It provides access for developers and users to extend the design and function. Framework is like a core, and it can be developed and extended to meet the expectation and design of its users. Of course, there are still other interesting features. Here are some of them.


  1. Scalable

When CMS is called as scalable, it means this can be optimized by users to develop and create various website, even it can create large-scale website for businesses and companies. It becomes great benefits of this CMS. Just by using this platform, complete form of web can be created. Of course, it is also possible to add plugins and extensions to make the web better.


  1. C# Language

This platform uses C# language. For developers, it is great benefit because this one is like one of the essential languages to masters. By this fact, most of developers, even the inexperienced ones, will be able to write the program and use this platform very well.


  1. Security

This is important aspect for website. Well, website may have great design and interface, but it will never be enough. There must be good security to make sure that the web can have protection against any attacks and hijacking.


For security, DNN has security analyzer that will work to analyze any potential threats and problems. Therefore, the program can make preventions. Users or developers may also get notification of this, so prevention can be made.


  1. Responsive template

The design cannot be ignored from the function of CMS. Related to this, DNN provides responsive template that will help each user to work with this platform in making design. Design and template can be edited and developed. There is also mobile previewer to give easier access to see how the design works in its page appearance. It may also give simulation on how the web design will appear in mobile devices.


Well, this CMS may be one of the legendary CMS since it has been developed and released more than 10 years ago. Yet, the functionality still can be developed and optimized up to now. Moreover, the characteristic as open source is great benefit, although developers still have to spend money to get external plugins and extension.

The Importance to Read Terms and Condition

It is quite common to find terms and conditions. These are not only found in many kinds of important contracts. In accessing certain websites, there can be these parts as well. Even, when people are going to install application or software for gadget or PCs, they will also find these parts. Related to this, actually most of people ignore and do not really care about the whole terms and conditions. In fact, these cannot be just ignored since there are some important points and there can be bad things happen just because of ignorance to read the long text.

Main Reasons to Read Terms and Conditions

Of course, there are some reasons that make people have to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. One of them is because ignorance is not excuse. It is true that most of people ignore the points listed and they suddenly scroll or skip to the last part to submit the agreement. Ignoring this implies that they agree with all of points in agreements, so there will be no complain and regret in the future.

Then, the other reason is to avoid unnecessary features. When you install application, it may be common to find that actually the software automatically install some unimportant features. In some cases, this may not be problem. However, sometimes additional features will only provide burdens. If not, at least they can be so annoying.

The same thing can happen when you are accessing terms and conditions in certain websites. You are not aware of agreements and you accidentally sign it. As the result, you may find that there are many spam messages in your email. This can make your inbox so full and sometimes you may miss some important emails.

Those two may be simple cases. However, there can be worse things to happen and that’s why it is important to read them, especially when it is about business or other things dealing with money or payment. It is quite common to find people suddenly get shocked as they have to pay extra charges without knowing the reasons. Actually, this is not because they suddenly agree with terms without reading all points. Well, they may also agree with the points of additional charges related to certain services.

Moreover, privacy policy becomes the other important things. Protection of privacy policy is important, so you need to read terms and conditions clearly. It is very possible for certain websites or applications to access private information, including your email address, phone numbers, and even bank account. These are actually important information and there should be good management to avoid abuse. In this case, reading the term and condition is one of good ways to prevent abuse of the information.

Well, those are some points related to importance of reading terms and conditions. Because of skipping the long texts, there can be many bad things to happen. Of course, there should be better awareness, so there will be no one regretting just because you do not read the agreements thoroughly.

A Beginners Guide To Finding A Proper Windows Hosting

A Beginners Guide To Finding A Proper Windows Hosting

A Beginners Guide To Finding A Proper Windows Hosting

A Beginners Guide To Finding A Proper Windows Hosting

So you have got your domain name purchased and now you need a hosting provider to host your website on. Where do you begin and what are the things that you need to know? Worry not, we got you covered.

First things first, what’s a web hosting?

In simple, web hosting is a server or a super computer that stores your website. Simple as that. Imagine a computer that sole function is to store other peoples website.

Imagine a shop where you store your good, your furniture and others. Instead of physical stuff, a host would store your images, music, videos and other related files such as ebook and programs.

More often than not, the term “web hosting” refers to the company that rent out their computer/servers to store your website (hence the word, host) and providing Internet connectivity so that other computers can access to the files on your website.

With that said, you will need to consider how much disk space you need. The bigger the amount of disk space, the more things that you can store on your website. Also, you have to consider the amount of bandwith that comes with the package. If your websites bandwith is breached, then your website will be down for the remainder of the month. It is more advisable to choose a package that offers unlimited bandwith. This way, a customer wont access to a down website.

Packages would usually offer unlimited amount of email account with the hosting package, which enables you to create emails for your team under your domain name, giving it a more professional look. It is always advisable to use a domain email for security purposes as well.

Once that is done, you should already read about the uptime of the hosting provider. The best guaranteed website uptime in the market is currently 99.9%, which also means that your website will be down for 3.65 days a year or 87.6 hours. Therefore, you should not tolerate anything more than that. Having a website that is always inaccessible will give visitors a bad impression and will not consider visiting your website anymore.

When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, support from the team is very important. You will want to select a hosting provider that provides 24/7/365 support, which means their customer support is on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This is to ensure that if you are facing issues with your website on a Sunday midnight, there will be someone there solving the issue for you. Again, you don’t want to have too much downtime for your website or else you might be turning your customers away.

Last but not least, something to compare would be pricing. There are a lot of hosting providers out there which offers 30 days or 60 days money back guarantee with their subscription. Those are a good point to start your hosting experience. 30 days would be ample time to test out what they are capable of. Also, you should always check if they offer a better price if you choose to pay for 2 or 3 years at a time. Those small amount saved here and there could get you an extra beautiful theme for your website.

Guide on Finding Reliable Windows Hosting Service

Guide on Finding Reliable Windows Hosting Service

Guide on Finding Reliable Windows Hosting Service

Guide on Finding Reliable Windows Hosting Service

If you have your own website, you know how crucial it is to have your site hosted with a reliable web hosting service. Most of the times, a hosting service is a dime a dozen, however, a reliable web hosting service is always worth it. A bad and not reputable host along with bad service could make your own life miserable and full of disappointment. Thus, if you like to get a reliable hosting service, read further.

  • Check out for the Network up Time

Any hosting service you want to go with must have at least 95% up time. It means that they must have the proper T lines for the transmittal of data. Plus, it also denotes that they will at all times stay online even when the traffic on their server significantly increased.


As the popularity seems to increase, so does the number of traffic on the server. Throughout particular holidays, you will find some peak times too. You must understand that the most reliable hosting service will have some issues, however, must have lesser major issues. In addition, your web host server must debug and install on a regular basis new software to keep acceptable service.


  • Excellent customer service

A reliable hosting service should always strive for excellent customer service. You must check for any possible web hosting service carefully before working with them. Check for service recognitions from other companies. You can read the reviews and the testimonials as well. It is better to accept the word of mouth too, as it allows you to learn the good points and quirk of the company easily from the previous and current customers.

Apart from that, you can look on the internet for the competition and for ratings. Visit BBB for how long the business has been in the industry and look for any complaints. If you are not yet satisfied with this, you can test them first before signing in; you can send them with email question and see how long it will take them to reply and what type of answer you will get after.


  • Bandwidth Increase Choices and Disk Storage Allotments

Do not just accept the word of the hosting company. Do not forget to sign a contract at all times. Do not get locked into a particular contact that allows particular usage for a certain period of time. What you want is to have a contract that allows you to have the option of increasing numbers.


  • Pay attention to the Control Panel

The majority of panels are so easy to use given that they are made along with a user-friendly interface browser for the day-to-day user. It really saves you a lot of money through avoiding spending on not reliable hosting advertising campaigns.

Finding for a reliable hosting is not a rocket science. You just need to know how to search out for the basic of good services and concentrate on the sales pitches. Assessing the services based on these factors will make it easy and hassle free for you to separate the reliable hosting company from the bad ones.